01 April 2012

|| Message Of Joy ||

A huge part of my personal existence is centered on my beliefs as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, to many known as the Mormons. My very core and who I am in my daily life and my attitude towards life are centered on these beliefs. I have always found it important to surround myself with uplifting people, music, art, fashion, ideas, values..."all things lovely". The theme in my previous blog states..."If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we{I} seek after these things."{from here} I have made this a motto for my previous blog and have continued it onto this current blog. It is so important for me to blog about those things that bring inspiration, happiness, challenge creativity, open the mind and all things that share a peak into my heart and mind. I keep true to myself and what I love and when I find something beautiful and uplifting I can't wait to share it. I genuinely care that others feel happy and inspired. I believe in organization, being productive and continuing to improve yourself and your surroundings. I don't compromise my standards in life and that is reflected, I hope, on this bloggy blog as well. Blogging is such a great medium to spread inspiration and the good things in life.

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Not photographed or mentioned in detail here on my blog are those sweet relationship building moments or conversations with my husband that bring us closer together, when my husband and I humbly pray together, when we read scriptures together in the morning before he leaves to work, every sunday that we attend church, the service and help we give to others, the sweet relationship building moments and conversations with close friends, the personal relationship I have with Deity, the huge importance of family and religion in our life and the efforts we take daily to be good individuals. I wanted to share that this is a huge part of my life and because this is a huge part of my life I have felt inspired today, while watching General Conference of our church, to share what uplifts my spirits on a more regular basis here on my blog. I feel strongly that myself and others need uplifting examples in their life whether or not they share in my religious beliefs...I want to share things that help/inspire someone to just be a better person in general like I have already been trying to do through this blog.

My goal is to share a sweet message every Sunday to start off each week right. So, if you choose not to read or listen to the messages that is your choice to skip them each Sunday, that is fine, you can participate in the other lovely things on my blog...but if you want to uplift and enrich your week I welcome you to participate. Even though these videos/messages are in direct line of what my church teaches and believes, I feel strongly they are also in line with the principles of life and other religion's teachings. No matter what our religion we can learn from these messages.

So to kick off this weekly goal of mine, I wanted to share the video below. I was personally touched by it. This young girl is quite the inspiration. What an example of someone enduring and taking a trial and making it positive. I love how instead of thinking of herself and her problems she chose to think of others and serve others. I am reminded that the trials I have, that I thought were a big deal...are not. I need to show more courage and faith in these little tests of life. I feel inspired to think of others more and not to dwell so much on such silly hardships. I hope she will inspire you too and I hope you think about how this can apply to your life.

I am pretty excited about such messages of joy I will be sharing weekly. I know I need these messages and reminders to be the best version of myself I can be.


Leah said...

I'll be looking forward to these little Sunday devos!

Natalie said...

Sweet story. Thanks for sharing it. I love all those great "mormon messages" they are so inspiring. it's so true, that serving others help you with your own problems, thanks for that reminder.

kaitlin said...

i'm excited for this, also i forgot about that package we sent you and then was reminded of that white watch we sent. do you wear it alot? i wear mine like every day! the bummer is that it's getting not as crisp white that i'd like cuz it's looking more worn. but still, what did i do without a watch!!!