11 July 2011

Last lunch with Auntie

I just came across these videos again of having lunch with Leah and Clara. This was the last time I made them lunch and while I was with them eating, it made me sad. I did a lot with the girls the last few months before I was married so when things like eating lunch together came to an end, it was a pretty sad thing. Also, the last time I put them to bed was a sad moment. But, I now have video and can replay that funny lunch time. What sweet silly girls they are and OH my Clara sure is funny in these videos. {They didn't know I was videoing lunch}

I need to find me some Salt & Vinegar Pringles in this Switzy Land.


kaitlin said...

hahaa what a funny girl.
love when leah was trying to learn that word. and when she was trying to gurgle her apple juice.


Natalie said...

um, why do my kids look like special needs kids? That 2nd one of Clara especially. SOOOOO funny! Mark and I were laughing so hard. The first one of Clara....oh my, she is NEVER that candid for us, thanks for sharing that! And by the way, it is peripheral vision! (an extra syllable)