30 August 2011

|| Wisdom Project ||

Watch this motivating and interesting video of photographer and filmmaker Andrew Zuckerman talk about his project called Wisdom. The idea behind this project is to capture "elders" around the world. Meaning people with wisdom. So he traveled around the world and photographed them and interviewed their words of wisdom. As interesting as it was to just listen to Zuckerman's experience, I also learned somethings I needed to hear. As an artist who is right now trying to develop my voice and figure things out, this video came at a perfect time. At the end of the video he shares 4 ideas that he learned while interviewing and photographing these "elders". One of the ideas came from musician Bill Withers who said, "You can't get to wonderful without passing through alright." My favorite words of wisdom came from a clip he showed of his interview with architect Frank Gehry {at 7:27 in the film} and he said, "Your best work is your expression of yourself. Now you may not be the greatest at it, but when you do it you're the only expert in it." Then Zuckerman goes onto say that we each respond to things uniquely. Sometimes I get caught up in wishing I was a different kind of artist or that I produced things better, but this has reminded me that I do have a unique voice solely because it is my own. And that I can be an expert in what I do even if I don't feel the greatest. I am happy I watched this video today.

If you are interested in Andrew Zuckerman, check out his project called Music where he interviews and photographs iconic musicians. Find it here. I love the making of Music best, find that HERE.

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