03 January 2012

|| 2012, Has Begun ||

Go on many many walks.
Take more photographs, like for real ones.
Go on "photo shoots" with Jachen and teach him the trade of Photography
Create/paint/draw more art.
Keep to the new budget plan Jachen and I have come up with.
Travel more. Paris, Munich and maybe Italy.
Read many books. 
Watch many movies...there are soooo many good movies coming out. 
Take a boat ride.
Be better at birthdays for family and friends.
Complain less.
Eat less sweets.
Try new recipes.
Make banana bread.
Be brave going grocery shopping and to stores by myself. 
Practice more German sentences and words.
Eat more salad.
Get back to having official date nights with Jachen.
Stress out less.
Worry less.
Be more patient.
Hold a baby. I haven't held a baby for like 8 months and its killing me!
Cut my own hair.
Get the most out of my Switzerland living experience.
Plan for the move back to the States.
Drink more Rootbeer.

I reserve the right to add to this list.
I am so excited for this upcoming year. I have high hopes for 2012.

1 comment:

kaitlin said...

yes, hold a baby already!!
and just write down all of your friends bday's in a planner. do you have a planner? you should. that sure helps me.