27 September 2011

|| A New Beginning ||

I started the morning off different than any other morning. I made Jachen fresh yummy scrambled eggs before work{I usually prepare him bread and yogurt. He isn't much of a breakfast eater but I force him} and then I had the luck of taking a bit of my cereal with THE WORST expired milk I have ever experienced. Instead of the usual sour experience...it tasted like vomit. Little did I know my morning would continue to be unexpected. 
While Skyping with my sister Natalie this morning at 8am we started talking about the "I'm a Mormon" videos and discussing the growth and influence of the videos. {There are a lot of misconceptions of Mormons and a lot of people who only know untrue facts about us Mormons and so these videos help show that Mormons are everyday people who have a belief in God and Christ and we try daily to follow Their teachings.}  We were both on the website looking up "I'm a Mormon" profiles and I noticed there were many more videos than last time I looked. After our Skype was over I began to watch the ones I hadn't seen yet. That was at 9am and at sometime after 12:30, I finished the last one. I only stopped twice to use the bathroom. I watched and listened to real people who live fulfilling lives talk about their endeavor to love, be happy, to keep their priorities, to do each day what brings them joy and survive life's challenges. I have been needing some big time inspiration and motivation and there it was. It is amazing where inspiration and motivation can come from. Watched experience after experience of true happiness and how to get there. {not that I didn't know how to already, a good reminder and is such a different experience when you watch it happen in others}
As I have shared in a few previous posts I have been feeling very not myself and in a funk lately. A feeling that I just have not figured out how to get out of. I don't know exactly what it was about watching these people tell their stories that has made me excited, pumped and ready to press forward and be motivated to be happy now. Not tomorrow, not someday, but now. One lady said "life isn't fair and when it's not fair to us that's when we complain about it, but life doesn't have to be fair because there is so much more that God has offered us. And that's why bad things can happen. This is not forever, this is not the end. This is not the final product." So many more sweet words went straight to my heart and has made me realize the little struggle I am going through now can be overcome. I want to be someone who when given a struggle will conquer it everytime. Although I do not decide to be unhappy or choose to have an unhappy or hard day...I can decide to be happy and I can decide how to adjust my life to be what I want it to be. I do have that choice.
I have also {re}learned that I can be passionate and do what I love and enjoy. I know what I want my future to be like and I am determined to find out how to get there and get then be there. I love how just about everyone in these videos recognized the joy they could have in their daily work persuits. They could incorporate their passions, their beliefs and their core into what they do. I am so excited for the future, but not only that I am excited for each day. For the present. I sometimes find myself thinking too much about the future and not enough on what is happening now and who I am now. This was the inspirational kick I needed and confirmation that if I just tweak this and that about my life right now that I can be what I want now and not just someday. 
So many other little things I learned or was reminded of. Although I am strong, I sometimes feel weak and lost. Luckily, I have found new and strong motivation...to let insignificant things not matter. To see the real picture. To find the positive even if I don't think any exist. To let little things bring me just as much joy as big things. To continue to live passionately. I don't know if I explained how I wanted to what I am feeling or if I did it in a way that makes sense on what I am really thinking, but I hope you can get something out of it. I wanted to share this little special moment and hope you can find a little special moment in it.
Today is good. I even put on makeup today and threw on a necklace. Yes today, vomit milk and all is a great day. 
Enjoy some of my favorites. It will be a great part of your day.

I tried posting more videos, but there was some video posting malfunction.
Watch the rest, HERE.
You could also read my dad's profile, here
sister Alicia's, here
brother in law James', here
and sister Stephanie's, here
more family will be up soon and I hope to too.


stephanie said...

I am so happy to read this post! I have been sad that you've been sad.

Did you see the general relief society meeting? I thought about you and you should watch it. Especially Pres. Uchdorf's talk. So good.

I thought about me too, and it really helped me with what I'm struggling with right now.

Our struggles come at a perfect time - General Conference is this weekend, and I know that you and I will hear the things that the Lord wants us to hear in order to progress and be happy!

I love you!

Thanks for posting the profiles of dad, alicia and james - I hadn't seen them!

kaitlin said...

i really loved those top two videos that you posted, i need to watch more of those. i'm glad that you had such a good day (even though it started out with sour milk) i sure want you to be happy.

shire! (shire!! can you say lord of the rings reference!!)