18 July 2011

"Happy we love you day!"

What friends I have! I failed to mention this sweet package I received from my friends Kaitlin and Joslin, on July 5th. I remember the exact date because it was Jachen's birthday and he thought the package was for him. Not so, birthday boy. I love when packages, or any sort of mail come as a surprise. Of course I would gladly accept mail I know about too. What a lovely package of all things I love. Funky socks, check. Nail polish of one of my favorite colors, check. Flower nail polish strips that I had been wanting to try, check. A WHITE watch!, check. A rather old and embarrassing picture of us back in the day, check. And my ever so favorite, a note, check. I was most surprised about the white watch. I have been wanting one of those for ages, and now I have one. What a treat.
I accept packages, so....if any of you feel the need to send me a piece of America, that would be fab. I also like postcards of whereEVER you reside.
Kaitlin, Jachen thought that you had short boy hair in that picture. BAHA. Once he said it I looked and agreed. So funny.


joslin said...

sorry jachen that it wasn't a birthday present! that would have been cute of us. next year. :) hope you enjoy it all monnnn!

kaitlin said...

first of all i was so glad when you mentioned something about my white watch to me in an email and you hadn't received this package yet. i knew you'd love it!! bingo. what a find, on target at sale.

second, have you tried the nail polish strips yet?? i want to hear/see how that turns out, duh.

third, i LOVE THE NAIL POLISH COLOR WE SENT. i am wearing it right now, it looks great on tan skin (you) so i hope you love it.

and yeah, sorry about the birthday trick jachey, haha but kind of funny.

and yes that picture was a last minute addition, i think a pretty good one. and well yes, it wasn't a good time for me. but really for any of us haha.

i love you and glad you liked that package!! i miss you. can't wait till we're neighbors.