30 September 2011

|| Movie Trailers ||

Here is my second installment of movies I look forward to seeing. A pretty long list, but you will enjoy them too. You can find the first list of movies HERE if you missed it. 

Which of these are looking good to you?

About time they do a story on the man who is Elmo. So great.

I love a Katherine Heigl movie.

Oh this one looks very good. Have we seen Matt Damon as a dad before?

This looks like a stunning movie, but I have no idea really what will happen with it! Although that is exciting too.

This looks great, but is it really going to be a serious movie? Does Jackie Chan do serious? Sure looks like it in the trailer.

This movie looks extremely good, but very sad.

OH my gosh, the three of these guys together? Yes, please.

HAH, what is this? So funny, sure love that Sean Astin.

I don't typically love horse movies {well besides Man from Snowy River}, but this one looks beautiful.

YES. What a great looking teenagerish chickflickish movie. It takes me back to when they used to make good movies like this...you know like She's the Man, What a Girl Wants, Princess Diaries..etc

I have shown you this one before, but I wanted to remind you {and me} to see this.

I didn't like the Valentines Movie like this one, too many stories going on...BUT I think I will be watching this one just because. And because so many actors I love are in this. Do people REALLY care about New Years Eve this much?

This looks different. Sounds like it has a great message...the country/rock song on the trailer makes it a little hokey though.

Oh my, funny. I sure love that Tim Blake Nelson actor.

So cute and mighty. I sure want to see this.

Seems like a good year for movies.


Natalie said...

I have ALWAYS wanted to know about Elmo....I am so excited about this! I LOVE Elmo. Wow, what an amazing man!

What happened to the GQ Matt Damon?? It's nice to see him in a role like this though. I am excited for this one.

I dont know if I can handle a serious Jackie Chan. Dont change a good thing.

Tom Hanks & sandra Bullock, an unlikely couple. Looks like a really fascinating movie though.

The Big Year...that BETTER be funny and not just stupid.

Do you think Leah's too young for Man From Snowy River? That's a classic.

WAY TOO MANY people in that new year's one, but I'm sure I will see it.

Aaaah a feel good father movie, love it. Unfortunately this one probably wont make it into the theatres, I sure hope it does though.

WOW, the Disney nature stuff is amazing! I would love to see this with Leah.

Sorry for the long list of comments, but thanks for all the previews!

kaitlin said...

selena gomez movie: YES duh.
still can't wait to watch that other sarah jessica parker movie, glad you reminded me about that. so excited.
that new years one! feel like you showed it to us before, but holy COW can we talk about how many people there are in here that we love? first off!!! GLORIA! next, rachel from glee. ashton kutcher, zac efron, and i mean the list goes on. so yes. i'm thrilled.
police movie: mmm, corny, but i mean i'm not picky. i'd probably love it.
well that's all that i watched because there were a billion. but thanks for those!!!


BrieBailey said...

My mom is hooked on the series by Janet Evanovich- One for the money with Katherine Heigl is the first of about 18 or so books.

War Horse is one of the best plays I have ever seen! I love me some theater so that is saying something! Not usually my kind of story line either but it is amazing :)

joslin said...

wowww all of those movies! so gooodddd!