15 August 2011

|| Movie trailers ||

I love movies and luckily I married someone who loves them as well because we like to watch them often which is okay by me. One of my favorite aspects of a movie is the finding/watching the movie trailer before it comes out and then being really excited for it and hoping I don't forget about it. I just watched a ton of trailers of new movies coming in the near future and I am really excited for most of these and some of these are just worth saying something about. We don't have television so you may have seen all of these trailers already, but for me they are new. Movies are way too expensive to watch in the theatre here, so we will have to wait till each of these is for rent. What a long ways to go.
I am excited for this one, I hope it's as cute as it looks.

This movie seems to me to have a lame story line, but there are soooo many big names in this movie that it almost makes me think it will be a good one afterall.

I am excited for this one, I love that JT is an actor these days.

This one seems like one of those movies that I will be realllly confused what is going on, but it still seems very intriguing.

Ryan Gosling, yes.

I just want to know what happens?!

So magical.

This one is specifically to show Jachen, but I like me a little Sci-Fi too.

Wow, looks great. Big names in this one too.

Duh, excited for this one.

Wow, a new Mission Impossible movie. Great.

Looks like a good scary movie. Creeeepy. Seems like the movie The Amityville Horror, however.

A Footloose remake?! Say what?


stephanie said...

Contagion looks awesome. I'm not even watching the trailer for that scary one. Probably gonna see Footloose - all those dancing scenes!

kaitlin said...

oh my gosh. i had only seen 2 of those previews out of all of them, apparently i need to get out more.

not sure that i'll like the off life of timothy green, might be too corny for me. but i hope i like it. i mean i liked it up until that magic happened on the house and a small boy happened. i wish they could have just gotten pregnant like normal.

second one. looks good to me!! looks pretty intense.

third one, can't WAIT to see this, i love the idea and yes, always love JT.

that ryan gosling one looks soo good too!!!

and the sherlock holmes, of course. can't wait to see that.

well. good work, thanks for showing me all of those!!


Natalie said...

Um, having issues with the Footloose remake. Why remake a good movie...it even looks like they are making it kinda 80's. At least take the concept and do a modern spin on it. I will watch it On Demand and I will miss Kevin Bacon the whole time, guarantee it!