30 September 2011

|| Master Chef ||

Let me tell you about two of my regrets. One~that I didn't learn from my father how to cook amazing food like he does and watch him more to learn his magic. Two~that I did't start till recently photographing his meals. My parents are both great cooks, but my father is quite the genius at it. These are only a few of his MANY MANY delicious meals. He is a creative experimenter and I don't think he has a limit as to what he can make. Many times he uses Cooking Light or other recipes, but a lot of the times he make it up. He is a MASTER at meat. Master. There is usually some sort of meat and vegetable in every meal. It will have you salivating. We have family dinners a lot and he usually has to feed for like 10-15 people and still...amazing. Even nights it was just him, my mom and I, he would make such a delicious simple meal. He almost spends too much time making dinner, but he enjoys it! I am not a bad cook, but I don't have the range I wish I had. Here I had this master of fine foods cooking my meals and I hardly ever helped or learned. As I am learning now in my own home and married, I hope I find that I have some of my parents cooking skills in my blood....my siblings all have it in them so I am sure I do too! If you come over for a meal at my parents house you are sure in for a treat! Oh and almost every part of almost every meal is gluten free...my mom can't eat gluten. 
Looks good huh?


mwilson said...

i feel the same way about my dad! i never took the time or effort to learn anything, and i really wish i had! we sure are lucky to come from a family with lots of great cooks!

Olivia Carter said...

Oh man, that food looks amazing! I need some recipes from him!

Natalie said...

The problem is that he doesnt ever write down his creations, so he rarely makes the same thing twice! MMMM, that makes me hungry. Dad is out of town for Conference Weekend, so no amazing food at the Farrar home this weekend unless we all bring it. Those ribs,,,man those were good. thanks for the food flashback! You should see some of the stuff he's been doing lately.