06 September 2012

< So You Think You Can Dance... >

...more like So You Think You Can get more stupid people to vote for you!

SOOOO mad right now. UGH. Who out there is watching So You Think You Can Dance??

I officially canNOT watch this show ever again. So stupid that they let America vote for their favorite dancer when America keeps voting for THE WORST one on the show JUST BECAUSE they like him. FOLKS, he is NOT an amazing dancer! He might preform well and get through the routines but come ON he should have been kicked off weeeeeks ago! This really ticks me off. Cole is soooo much better of a dancer and has had SUCH better, like crazy crazy big time amazing, routines. He deserves it far more, far far more.

Every single dance Cyrus danced was either a weak routine with very little amazing moves so it was something he could do OR it was in his hip hop element...GRR. And even those weak routines he was so slow, awkward and has such small moves. Folks get with it! SO mad.

AND every time he would be up to the judges, the judges would only ever comment on his personality or his spirit or his solo/his own style. SERIOUSLY? Just say already that your performance was not UP to standard. This show should showcase/promote amazing dancers FIRST and performers and personality second. So mad.

I am sooo mad.

ALSO, with only the two guys left, I swear if Cyrus wins America's favorite male dancer I will be even more ticked. TICKED.

Obviously I am annoyed. And I have had kinda a crummy day so I guess I should not have watched this episode today.

I swear if Cyrus wins......

Please someone tell me why THIS was voted over....
{this routine seriously is so awkward}

THISSSSS. WHY?? I just don't get it. Stop voting for Cyrus! 
Cole, I hope you do amazing things even though you were voted off.

SEEE what I mean?!


Natalie said...

I knew you would freak out!! I happened to watch it last night and when Cole got booted I knew you would be upset. I agree with you about Cyrus. I hate the America voting thing that these shows do. Get professionals to judge. Sad for Cole, he is very talented. Cheer up Monica.

Life etc... said...

Holy crap is that Cole guy just a contestant? He looks like a professional! Amazing! Wow, I'd vote for him :)

Life etc