07 September 2012

< Paris or Bust! >

I have a lot of thoughts on my brain so I hope I can organize them right...

this might get boring up in here.

Organizing our trip to Paris, on a budget, has become quite the ordeal! Shame on me for thinking we could stay within our small budget for a trip that is a couple weeks away. Originally I thought we could drive closer to the France border to Basel{which is 2 hours away} and stay with Jachen's great aunt and then take a train from there to Paris...but we figured out that it was not as cheap as we thought doing it that way and that flying would only be a little more and we could get to Paris faster and wouldn't have to drive 2 hours to Basel and back. So we decided to fly from Zurich. Great. 

We purchased the plane tickets thinking the apt we found via airbnb.com would be the place we would stay since the girl we contacted approved of us coming...after we bought our plane tickets we went ahead and booked this girls apt in Paris. Well we didn't hear from here again for who knows what reason...and good thing airbnb has a 24hr booking time so we weren't charged. So now we had plane tickets with no place to stay. I tried contacting her again waited a couple days and nothing. So yesterday morning I spent a few hours searching more apts on airbnb.com and found one place that seemed okay. A lot of the apts in Paris were not ideal...I just don't want another London experience where coming back to the apt at night was not enjoyable...but I did email the one that sounded okay. 

I found myself throughout the day getting more and more frustrated...wondering if we should cancel our plane tickets{stupid thought}, stressing out if this new apt I messaged would even write us back, mad that using the Metro in Paris is now costing more than we thought it would{we thought it would be cheap like in London...no} and just mad that everything so far is changing and costing more. {gotta save for moving to the States}. THEN you know my freakout about So You Think You Can Dance...that really made me even more annoyed about my day...THEN in the evening Jachen and I went shopping and couldn't find any of the things I was hoping to find{i seriously hate the shopping options here} and then that made me mad and that turned into me stressing out about Paris again. So...a yucky day for me. 

Then of course, we come home from our rather pathetic attempt at having a fun shopping evening and Jachen, the good husband he is, took the computer off my hands and started looking for a place for us to stay in Paris. We spent a few hours looking for cheap hotels...which is hard in Paris because typically cheap means gross and rundown. After finding only hotels out of our price range we had the idea of looking up this hotel chain we knew was in France and seeing if there was one in Paris. Well, there were several in Paris! Out of complete inspiration were able to find a room in the NICE hotel for only a little out of our budget. THANK GOODNESS. We booked that sucker right up. 

As much as I would have liked to have access to a fridge and paid a little less and had a better location with the renting of a room in an apt...I am happy we will be staying in a nice hotel that we know of in a nice clean room with a nice bed. That even though its a little further out of the way, we figured it out and its done and we have a place in Paris now. Phew. What a big time relief. 

I can finally stop stressing about this spur of the moment Paris trip. I can finally plan the fun part of our daily routine and get exited all over again for this trip. I cannot wait to go with Jachen and explore Paris with him. Jachen is excited to go back and see the city now through his adult eyes. And of course Jachen was right the whole time knowing that it would all work out in the end. So...a stressy day that ended happy.

Guys, I am so excited! PARIS! My new motto for pushing through all this stress and regret of this trip is "Paris or bust!" I'm going. I'm doing it. Nothing can stop me. In a couple weeks, Paris is mine!

...Now, to see how much French I remember from my my million hours of learning French. 
{sorry, German is now clouding my brain}

{ps that apt we contacted yesterday wrote me back this morning and approved us for staying with them...so I had 
to inform them we decided to book a hotel room instead. whoops.}



Natalie said...

Breath Monica Breath. I'm glad you got that all figured out. And I am really really excited for you to go to Paris....once again i will live vicariously thru you!

Life etc... said...

I hate those days where all those little things keep building up and getting you all annoyed. Glad you've got it sorted out and now can start getting super excited about PARIS! :)

Life etc