07 March 2012

|| Short{er} Hair Always Makes Me Happy ||

I chopped it again! Well, technically Jachen was the one with the scissors. I was cutting it shorter this time so I couldn't reach, so I let Jachen do the honors. That is about 3 inches all around worth of hair in that bag up there. Thick, thick. Jachen happened to have cut a fabulous a-line shape for me...unintentionally of course. So the back is nice and short and then my front a bit longer. So it pulls into a perfect little bun. After the chop, I went in and refined the cut. I am so happy that cutting my own hair is an option. It is a perfect length for the upcoming spring and I am sure in a few months after it grows all back I will need to re-chop it...my hair grows sooo fast. Taking just 3 inches off makes a world of difference for my thick mop of hair I have, I can feel the weight difference. Also, I found some tutorials on youtube of how to thin out my hair, so I am eager to try that soon. 
You can see HERE, when I cut it the first time myself, that I for sure cut more this time.

There is enough hair here for a short wig...and for sure a toupee. 


stephanie said...

hooray! I'm happy for you.

Natalie said...

Where's Kaitlin's comment requesting a photo of the new do? Ha. So? Where is the photo of it?

Leah said...

I want to see please!

kaitlin said...

haha yep here i am and i neeeed a picture asap!