15 January 2012

|| Weekend Firsts ||

Not a big deal or anything, but it was pretty fun getting our first take home/already cooked pizza. Finding a good price for any food that we don't cook ourselves is a big deal. Jachen knew of a really good Italian restaurant that had pizzas at a great price. Jachen got pepperoni{which are a bit different than USA pepperoni} and I got a spinach, bacon and garlic pizza. I sure love Italian pizza's for their thinness and very little sauce because I don't like much red sauce on mine. We ate our pizza's while watching some episodes of Mr. Bean. It was fun.

Today, I cut my own hair. It was needing a trim and I don't a. trust people here to cut my crazy thick and curly hair and b. I don't want to pay Swiss prices for a haircut. My hair has been giving me headaches and getting really snarly and so I just had to do it myself...which actually has been something I have wanted to try for a long time. I pretty much just held my hair and chopped about 2 inches off with our fabric scissors. I wear my hair mostly up these days so it's fine if it's not perfect. You would think that cutting 2 inches off wouldn't make a difference, but it totally is a huge difference. I am a fan. Have you cut your own hair before? If so, out of skills and knowhow or just out of desperation like me?


kaitlin said...

when we were in italy everyone warned us absolutely NOT to get pepperoni because it was something crazy...i think they even said it wasn't meat. what was it??

and i'm going to need a picture of the hair stat!! and more details.


Natalie said...

Congrats on the pizza, it looks yummy. Good job on getting brave to cut your hair finally. Its funny that you are into mr. bean, i got into it in college when i roomed with a british girl. Does he still make shows, or are they all old?