14 January 2012

|| Two Things I Love Right Now ||


I am huge into Rowan Atkinson and Mr. Bean these days. I have never really cared much about him until I met Jachen who got me into him. He was funny in Rat Race, but that is where most of my knowledge of him was. Rowan has a very interesting history and career. I watched a documentary on how he evolved his career into the Mr. Bean character and watched interviews of him talking about movies he has made. He writes, acts and then is part of the editing/production process. He seems like such a fascinating and brilliant individual...crude, but crazy good at what he does.

ALSO, I am in love, serious love, with those light green and gold trimmed goblets. I have been collecting dark emerald and olive green vintage glass, but I think I need to start collecting this minty color. So beautiful. Found here.

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Natalie said...

Those glasses are beautiful. You dont see that color often.