13 January 2012

|| Our City Apartment In Switzerland ||

Last Saturday morning our Home Teacher came to help us move the couch...however Jachen asked him thinking he had a big van...not the case. As you can see our couch was a little more than too big for his car. Also, our mattresses were a little too big for our car. We drove all the way from our house to our apt just like those two pictures above show. Not even tying the door down...it was risky business so we took back roads instead of the highway...which we were going to take when we first started off. Alsooo, on top of the mattresses under all those blankets is our tv. Luckily, the tv didn't slide right out of the back. Scary. I was nervous the whole car ride and tried to distract myself from what was going on in the back.

We will have been here a week starting tomorrow. We still have a few things to work on...the shelving and storage in the kitchen, getting new curtains for the bathroom and kitchen and figuring out what we will do for a coffee table. We love our apt and it's coziness and even more we love the location.

Here are some videos I took of our apt as it is now. I wish I had the software/knowhow to film one long video, but it is hard enough to load a 3min video onto Vimeo so loading separate ones is all I got. Feel free to watch it with your volume off to spare from hearing me out of breath and sound, I am sure, like a dork. Or... just listen. I would like to apologize for my real bad video taking skills...ha. 
Untitled from Monica Duschletta on Vimeo.
Untitled from Jachen Duschletta on Vimeo.
I wanted to show you the lovely church bells and train pass by.

Some images if you would rather not watch the videos...or if seeing images will help visualize our homestead better.

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stephanie said...

Hooray - I've been so excited to see it! It looks great! Small, yes, but it's still really exciting and you're right that it's cozy.

The train did sound cool.

I think the place will be totally sufficient when we/mom and dad come. BUT I do also think that it will be a relief for you when we leave so you won't have to walk through us to get to the bathroom and so you can have your extra room back, etc. :)

Question that we'll ask you about - if we rent a car would we even have a place to park it?