23 January 2012

|| Freedom//Morning Hair ||

This morning I was so sleepy when the alarm went off. All I wanted to do was stay in bed all day. Despite that feeling, I got out of bed anyway. I got dressed for my morning excursion out into the city. I decided to walk along the lake this morning. I am so happy I did. As I looked out at the lake a feeling of peace and happiness filled me. I haven't felt that kind of peace for a long time. The song A Walk by Tycho couldn't have appeared onto my shuffle at a better moment. This song was a perfect companion to how I was feeling and the view I was seeing. These photographs don't even capture the intensity of where I was standing. Living in that house up in the mountains made me feel a bit locked up and independence taken. I felt secluded and separated from myself. Living here, in our new home, has enabled me to roam. Roaming to me means more than just out for a walk. It also means that a piece of who I am is back. Living in a country where you don't speak the language and are hindered from lots of abilities is a hard thing and, for me, it has stolen some of me. I am happy to now have more pieces of myself back and feel more independent. There is a lot to why that is, some of it I have shared on my blog, and many reasons for this new feeling more like myself, but the freedom I feel now plays a big role. Any chance I can feel more like myself is something I will take. I look forward to tomorrow morning where I get to feel that peace and freedom again as I leave our front door.

On a different note, my friend Kaitlin asked to see a picture of my hair that I cut myself. This morning I took a picture for her to see. However, the only time I have my hair down these days is when I first wake up...so this is that. My morning hair{and morning face}. My left side is a tad bit longer than my right side, but whatevs. I love how well cutting my own hair turned out, luckily it is curly and has many layers so you can't tell too much that an amateur did it. And apparently I like to share morning hair on my blog. My first|second|third now this is the fourth. Ha. 

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kaitlin said...


i mean morning hair? it looks like you just styled it.