27 October 2011

|| Random Thoughts ||

|| I took some pictures of myself after I crawled out of bed this morning...I get to {over} compensate for the lack of pictures of myself on this blog. I am particularly fond of my hair still having red in it after dyeing it like in February with a washout box.
|| Apparently, after 27{almost} years I still have a hard time spelling some of the months...especially February.
|| I watch a lot of TV during the day. A. because I love television{not all} and B. because I am home alone all day and I like to hear people talk instead of silence and I like it even more than music. The current shows I watch are Parenthood, Modern Family, Parks & Rec, The Office, ANTM and I watch them the day after they air. Shows that I watch when not watching those are past seasons of The Office, Gilmore Girls, Seinfeld and NCIS. Well I watch NCIS with Jachen in the evening.
|| Monday evening we had our first appt for flats hunting and had no success...well besides learning what we don't/do want. Tonight, we have another appt for a place that looks too good to be true. So we will see if its death or love at first sight.
|| Which PS...we are moving and I am so excited. We want to start saving money to move back to the States and we can't do that if we continue to live in this big house so we are looking for a flat. We are looking for places closer to Jachen's work and by the Bodensee...which is the big lake that lines Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
|| Remember how we have fires in our house? Well that is because I have chosen to freeze us and not turn the heat on in the house. We have decided to only turn the heat on when we can see our breath...however, I am wondering if we should move up that date.
|| Having a husband is great. Someone holding you while you are crying to sleep is a pretty special thing.
|| Jachen has a 5 day weekend and we are prettty excited about that. That makes his next week only a 3 day work week...also lucky for him.
|| I can't believe it is soon to be November. I can't believe I am soon to be 27. I feel like that is a really big number.
|| I am reading Harry Potter and the Chambers of Secrets...for a second time. I have never read a Harry Potter book twice.
|| I am digging this watch.
|| These cookies look, capital D-elicious.
|| I am in love with this knitted/crocheted blanket.
|| I really love this mint colored purse. A lot.

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