12 September 2011

|| One hott babe ||

Welp, this face/hair that I woke up to this morning was too good not to photograph. I blame it on my eyepatch wearing. It can do mystical things to my hair, EVERYtime. I actually haven't worn my trusty sleeping eye patch for a good while now, but last night we had yet another case of the lightening and I had enough! Eye patch was going on. I think I would loveve to see pictures of peoples morning hair/faces. Ha, what a crack up that would be. Ps. Eye patches are glorious. My sister Alicia who wears one{do you still?} got me into it a few years ago. 
My friend Kaitlin has been complaining about the lack of pictures of me on my blog...so this one is for her! This is what you wanted, right?


Natalie said...

hahaha LOVE it! I dont think I would be brave enough to put a photo of me like that on a blog, so good job for being so brave! I am just too vain.

Monica said...

I know, brave. I actually looked worse in real life than in this picture...but in an awesome way.