07 February 2014

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Still my favorite place. We have a lot of staples that I buy every time, but I also enjoy trying new products.

There are a couple things I buy next door at Albertson's after Trader Joe's--Chobani yogurt and sweet potato fries--and while I was there today, I noticed how the prices there are so much higher! How are people shopping there? Such a waste. Anyway..

1. Veggies. I buy a lot of veggies. All of these are cheaper at Trader Joe's. These spinach leaves I use in a salad and/or freeze and throw in my smoothies.
2. Always good to keep some frozen waffles in the freezer. Loving the Maple Agave syrup.
3. Not in love with the veggie burger...but it's not gross. I like mixing it in with our pasta. To me, it has kind of a curry flavor. But, IN LOVE with these turkey burgers. We eat them plain, with a side dish.
4. On nights I want a quick but healthy dinner, I will make those shell noodles, pop in some veggies in it and maybe stick in some chicken or have some turkey patties on the side.
5. I just bought these corn tortillas for the first time today, I love corn tortillas. I love the smell of them too. Going to have these for dinner tonight{and breakfast tomorrow} with some avocado, chicken and black beans.
6. YUM. Thin slab of dark chocolate and gooey gushy caramel with bits of coconut.
7. Bought the fig butter for the first time today, can't wait to try it. I LOVE fig.
8. Delicious, delicious fruit leather. Soft and flavor packed. A great snack.

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Mandi said...

I love, love their pumpkin pancake/waffle mix they have in the fall (i stock up) and of course their Cookie Butter.