13 November 2013

< Trader Joe's Favorites//Part Two >

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I love Trader Joe's. I do most of our grocery shopping there for it's quality, substance and variety. I don't find the prices to be all that bad, a lot of products are either the same, cheaper or slightly more than other grocery stores.

One of the top reasons I was looking forward to moving back to the States was to have a bigger grocery shopping variety/to shop at Trader Joe's. When we moved back this Summer, I was very overwhelmed at grocery stores...especially at Joe's. I have discovered a lot of favorites there, but still have much to learn. I thought I would share with you some of my favorites products to help you if you are new to the Trader Joe's shopping experience.

1. Great oatmeal and all around breakfast selection.
2. They have THE BEST dried fruit. Seriously, those raisins are so soft and delicious. Those mangos are a little tooo delicious.
3. I love love their multigrain cereal...I throw on some ground up flaxseed and chia seeds. Tasty. The granola I put in Jachen's yogurt every morning. Buying it this way is cheaper than buying out of the bulk section..{well technically I still need to go to Winco and check their granola prices}
4. THE best roasted coconut. If you want a sweet during the day, have some of these. Trader Joe's also has the best almond selection.
5. Really great bars. We like all the flavors, I still need to try their new cranberry flavor, I have heard great things about it.
6. Great pasta selection. We try to only eat wheat or veggie noodles.
7. They have a great selection of salsas, I keep buying this one. I really want to try some of the others though. I will let you know if I do. This one is just a great basic salsa.
8. My new favorite chips are these sweet potato chips, great with that salsa. Jachen takes some of these plantain chips with him just about everyday to work.
9. Just discovered this amaaazing salami. We are salami eaters. This one is reduced sodium and still really tasty. Great string cheese there too, I recommend these.

Part One, here. More to come later!

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