21 February 2014

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Life since last I posted. I have been busy busy!

Since I started my Etsy last month I have been working hard on all things Etsy! And though time consuming, I love it. This past week I brought to the shop SOME of the party invitations I have made, and this next week I have an exciting item to sell. I can't wait to start selling this next item. So stay tuned!

We, especially me, have been eating awesomely healthy these last few weeks. Not that I was eating bad before, just thought I could improve. Working really hard to have quality meals....hence all the pictures of food. I am obsessed with Chobani yogurt and chia seeds.

We enjoyed Menchies first 6oz free night, we only spent 51cents between the two of us. {we didn't get that much anyway}

We had one night and the next day of snow, church was cancelled that Sunday there was snow due to an icy church parking lot. Not gonna lie, it was rad having church cancelled. {we go to church every Sunday}

The sister missionaries have been hearing about Dicks burger and fries and haven't been able to get some because no Dicks is in their area, so I had them over for lunch and surprised them with Dicks.

I love any chance I get to see Seattle. I got a nanny job for this week...well today was my last day, and in the Summer, so I drove Jachen to work every morning this week because they live nearish Seattle. Such a beautiful city.

Started a bundle of brand new socks. Man I love a new pair of socks.

I have been rockin an hour on the treadmill every morning.

My new favorite thing is Epsom salt and lavender essential oil baths. Do it.

We watched the new Sherlock episodes that are out. So. so. good. Jachen built a stand out of cardboard for his iphone. Smart thinking Jachen.

Valentines day we celebrated the day before to beat the crowds and went to the Cheesecake factory. I got that SHRIMP blt and it was AMAAMAMAZING. Very messy, but so delicious. I was so intrigued by the idea of it, I just had to try. I will be getting that again.

We have had an awesome couple of weeks.

Pretty much all of these photos are on my instagram. But my blog is a better way to keep track in journal fashion.


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Mark said...

You always take the best pictures of my kids! Your lunches look amazing....much better than mine. I wonder what a few weeks of my life would look like, hmmmm.