13 March 2014

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Such a busy life lately. I need MORE time in the day.

Layer Cake Shop had a sell...so bought lots and lots.

Took our nieces to Seattle one evening--saw Pike Place at night, dinner at Red Robin on the water and then played some arcade games. So fun.

Designed a new pillow cover and I am in LOVE with it. HERE.

Been working out a lot!

Eating good and mostly clean meals.

Had some back issues so I took several baths with lavender oil and Epsom salt that really helped my back.

There has been such beautiful weather lately so we have had already two nights that we took a picnic dinner down to Richmond Beach.

Hung art.

One of my Christmas presents to my mom this year was to give her a pedicure once a month.

Went to a church activity where we ate yummy food and square and line danced for over an hour. It was fun--not pictured.

Jachen and I have been going on a lot of walks together.

//We have had a really great last couple weeks!

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