17 January 2014

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This is less of a DIY, because my mom sewed it, and more of a before and after revealing.

I found that ugly stool at a thrift store for $6.99 and saw it's potential to be our favorite new piece of furniture. This past week I bought the textured upholstery fabric, from JoAnne's for $17 on sale for about a yards worth, and my mom was kind enough to cut and sew(I should have learned how to do it, but I was eager to have it done). My sister Natalie helped me staple gun the new cover on yesterday. I can't wait to see where this stool ends up around the house year after year, but so far it's sitting pretty in our bedroom.

The cover that was on it when I bought it, was a cover for the original ugliness...now that it's all done, I realize I probably should have taken off the original fabric as well because now the fabric is a little uneven on the bottom...you can see it in the second"after" picture. So I would suggest doing that if you cover a stool.


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Hannah Mary said...

It's adorable! I love seeing diy before and afters...it makes me want to fix up some of my own furniture!