20 January 2014

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I love love love love love love love this movie.

My new favorite movie. As soon as it was over, I wanted to stay for the next showing of it. Didn't, but I will buy the movie when it comes out and watch it everyday. Seriously.

This movie was everything I want in a movie. Everrrryything. A dash of suspense, heartfelt, clean, cool, artistic, interesting, surprising, adventurous, witty, beautiful, delightful, inspiring, laugh out loud moments, special moments, great characters and AMAZING music. And oh my was Ben Stiller at his handsomest. Just typing all this makes me want to run to the movie theatre and see it again. You did a great job directing and starring in it Ben Stiller. Make more movies like this, please.

GO SEE IT. And if you are curious, check out the music in the movie, here and here, BUT don't until after you have seen the movie. It will ruin the surprise.
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