15 September 2013

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Yesterday, Jachen and I rode a bus to downtown Seattle. Jachen rides "free" since he has an unlimited bus pass so it was only $2.25 for me each way. Saved on gas and parking fees. I also wanted to experience Jachen's commute...it's the same route he goes every morning to work. It was great just being able to sit instead of drive, but man were there lotsss of crazys/ghettos on the bus. We will for sure go via bus downtown again.

Some {many} pictures of our little trip to Pike Place Market. I sure love that place. I can't believe I have been here since July and I hadn't been down yet. {I usually go down asap}. We did the usual eat mini donuts {always a must at Pike Place}...but I think for next time I will skip the donuts and get one of those pumpkin cookies you see in one of those pictures...looks tasty! This time we tried a new lunch...usually I get a Piroshky, but I decided this time to try something new and get a Kielbasa dog. Jachen got some German food at a Bavarian Meat Shop..where he got to order in German. It had been severallll weeks since he spoke German.

Another first for the market was buying some flowers for my first home in America! I think the last time I bought flowers at Pike Place I was a teen and bought one sunflower. There were many beautiful bouquets, but I decided to just get white and dark purple dahlias. They now sit on our dining room table.

Fun way to spend a Saturday morning!
Our last trip to the Market at Christmas time HERE

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