06 June 2013

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 photo 1a_zps9853a142.jpg
 photo 2a_zps2aef01f9.jpg
 photo 3a_zps96c83b0c.jpg
 photo 4a_zps90a568b1.jpg
 photo 5a_zps5ca70cf8.jpg
 photo 7a_zpsf134bb69.jpg
 photo 8a_zps8da79697.jpg
 photo 9a_zps877ed0e7.jpg
 photo 10a_zps175b555e.jpg
Stunning prints from Yellena James. So inspiring, I love a good set of lines and the colors are so beautiful. My favorites are the first, second one and the second to the last one. What's your favorite?

They make me want to pursue my line drawings again and get a little more creative with them.

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Welcome! said...

I just found your blog and I love love LOVE everything on here!!! Your style is beautiful.