07 June 2013

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I neglected to post my May update...I have to keep up my goal. This past May seemed to be the longest month of my life. Probably because we were desperately waiting to find out our interview date and get to June asap. We are so so ready to move on to the States.

This month we...
\\celebrated the first of May, which was a day off of work for Jachen, by going into St. Gallen. I bought a few more German/Swiss children's books.

\\Jachen got prescription sunglasses made for himself. He is in love with them.

\\Jachen "cancelled" with the Swiss army. He is technically, but not physically part of the army til 32, so had to cancel/let them know he was leaving the country.

\\Went to Konstanz Germany to ship some boxes home{cheaper to ship from Germany} and did our usual--walk around/explore, shop, get lunch and gelato.

\\I went on lots of walks during the day. Jachen and I went often to the track in the evening.

\\I was sick for a week. NOT my favorite.

\\Jachen had a 4 day weekend and a 3 day weekend.

\\Skyped family.

\\Lots of rainy ugly days.

\\A new nephew was born! Baby Elijah is in the world! I canNOT wait to meet him.

\\Went on a day trip with Jachen's grandparents to Scuol, Switzerland.

\\Found out the bad news about not getting an interview for Jachen's Visa in June.

\\Watched the new Star Trek movie and Warm Bodies. Both great.


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