05 June 2013

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 photo outfit_zpsc97ec3b8.jpg
LOVE. Get on me. This outfit is so me. I know this outfit looks a little Fall{which I love}, but I def think it can work for Summer and every season really. {another favorite dress outfit that works for every season HERE}

Berry Haute is my favorite lipstick color from Revlon. It's the perfect berry color.

4 reasons I love this dress...1. the colors are a dream 2. it's modest 3. I love how the back is the solid brown that the sleeves are 4. duh. it's a photograph as well as if it wasn't a photograph it's still an amazing print/composition for a dress...so gorgeous either way.

I desperately need a pair of spotted oxfords. It's a must.

Necklace|Bangles 1/2|Dress|Oxfords|Berry Haute Lipstick|Bag

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