20 April 2013

< Catching Fire >

WOW. Looks amazing. However, I don't remember any of this from the book! I guess I will have to reread the second book before this movie comes out in November. I think I can handle that.


Hannah Mary said...

AH! I am so, so excited. Catching Fire was my favorite book of the three. I'll have to reread it, too.

Amy said...

I'm definitely wanting to read the entire series over before I see Catching Fire this fall.

kaitlin said...

oh my gosh oh my gosh. i need to read those books again and quick!

ps seriously, the word verification down below is like 13 letters haha.

educhmee 2425. rip off!

Natalie said...

Ya, there are a couple extra things in there...but hopefully they kept the integrity of the book. I'm sure it will be awesome....but why do we have to wait so long?