19 April 2013

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I have been daydreaming lately about grocery shopping in the States. Weird, I know. But I just can't wait! I can't wait to try new recipes. Big time can't wait. It's kinda hard for me to want to try new recipes here not only because the food options are very limited, but also because I didn't invest in a lot of baking equipment knowing we would move. So no muffin tins or bread pans for us...can't wait to change that. Also living in a very very small kitchen doesn't help me feel motivated to try new recipes. Anyway...

here are 9 recipes I have my eyes on...

Mini Bacon & Egg Cups//Sweet Potato Hummus//Banana Split French Toast//Frozen Pineapple Pops//Greek Yogurt Blueberry Banana Bread//Mini Mexican Pizzas//Cinnamon Nutella Crescent Roll Blankets//Homemade Tortillas //Cantaloup Yogurt Parfait
More recipes HERE

Looks tasty huh?

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