08 April 2013

< German Children's Books//Part Two >

I bought this first set of German children's books back when Jachen and I were in Bern. It's pretty exciting buying books for future children.

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Wohin fährt das kleine Auto? by Eva Spanjardt is a fun little cars book which is actually the first German book I picked out. I love how the little red van goes throughout the book and travels to the end of the book. My favorite part is this book accurately shows how curvy the roads are here. A few of the pages--the book ends with the car loading on a ferry boat.
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This book, Stadt, teaches about cities throughout the world and starts off with some history of Europe. Also, the last half of the book is about day to day life in Germany. Which Germany clearly isn't Switzerland--but what can you do. There aren't many books set in Switzerland. {except that series I was telling you about last time
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Im Wald is just a cute little flap book teaching the words of the Forest.
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This book, Herbst-Wimmelbuch, is my favorite book. This is the Autumn book of the series...it has a book for each season, but I liked this one the most. Each season shows the same town, but shows what goes on different in each season. Someday I would like to own each season. These books come in huge sizes, but I got the smaller size. If I was living here indefinitely I would have bought the big size because I love over-sized books.
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Well that's it so far, my collection of German children's books. Hopefully soon I can get a few "Swiss" ones. {although to me these are all still Swiss looking} More of my German children's books, here.

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That will be so special for your kiddos someday!