06 April 2013

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 photo nursery2_zpsd8c3f1c1.jpg
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IN love with this baby's room...well when I say room I mean a peak into part of the room, of course. I love how unisex the room is...great for a sweet baby boy or girl. Like I said before in my first baby's room post, I like a room that can transition easy for another sex, as well as work for toddler and kid ages. As much as I will want to change up the room at various times, it would be nice to use a lot of the same pieces and art. I love the idea of using the paper mache letters as messages on the wall--and keeping the natural cardboard look--but you could paint them too if you wanted. ALSO, I am in love with a natural basket as a toy or blanket storage. Actually, like I said, I just love everything about this room and the products in it.


Stay tuned for the next room!


Natalie said...

love love love the teal crib. It gave me the idea to do a painting with Bonne Nuit for my little guy's wall. Or maybe have you make some graphic art for me with that saying....huh??

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

I know! the teal crib is sooo fun. the crib gave you the idea to do bonne nuit? im guessing you meant the room design. yes! i think that would be super cute over on his side of the room. I could do a art print, but i think it would be cute to do a wood piece of letters or something...give the wall some depth. you can also use some wooden letters, there are some cute wooden letters at Michaels.