23 March 2013

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Ohh baby baby. A simple modern baby boy's room. My personal opinion is that a nursery shouldn't be too "baby" because then what are you going to do with all that "baby" stuff when they get older? I like the idea of decorating a baby's room with pieces that can either adapt into a children then teen's room or even pieces you can later use throughout the home. Makes more sense for me in the long run to find pieces and art that are just great together in a cosy nursery. Also, I don't think there needs to be a nursery "theme"...if you don't want a theme you don't need a theme...although I guess a color scheme is kinda a theme.

A room like this is great because you can easily switch the palette more towards a girls room, if you have a girl next, just by adding a pop of pink, aqua, or mint and it will look great with your bright orange/red dresser and orange rug. I like those kinda rooms where you don't have to completely buy all new furniture for a different gender.

1. Sheep Print//2. Monitor//3. Art Print//4. London Bus//5. Rug//6. Crib
7. Bottle//8. Lamp//9. Pouf//10. Side Table


Stay tuned for the next room!

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Monique said...

There is so much inspiration here! I am incredibly exciting to set up my baby's nursery!