21 March 2013

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I am a dress wearer...which is funny because when I was middle school/high school age I hated them and refused to wear them. I didn't even wear one to prom--I wore a fluffy tool skirt, a baseball tee and no joke flip flops--yikes, but still so glad I didn't wear a dress. I wore them all the time when I was little so somehow I skipped that period of dress wearing...but let's be honest the 90's and early 2000's was not a good time for dresses anyway.

People wear dresses all the time for any and all occasions since the beginning of time, but there are still those moments you wear a dress for a normal daily outing and someone will make a stupid remark about you wearing a dress--it's happened, maybe it's happened to you. As if you are "over dressed" and it's a foreign concept and a crime. Dumb. I am pro wearing a dress for any occasion, any day, anytime. I think anyone can pick out cute jeans and a top, but to choose a great dress and be able to style it right...that takes more effort and thought.

So wear a dress! Wear it proud!
Which look would you like to wear this Spring and/or Summer? I choose look 2...wearing monochromatic green sounds delightful.

Look 1//Necklace|Shirtdress|Sandals
Look 2//Earrings|Sweater|Dress|Flats
Look 3//Earrings|Shirtdress|Boots

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