25 March 2013

< Woes Of Packing >

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Packing. About two years ago I was packing my suitcases to move to Switzerland. Not only was I packing to move after getting married, but packing for another continent. At that point we thought we would live in Switzerland for 5 years so for the most part I packed for that duration of time, when I now wish that I would have packed less. Over a year ago we packed up our home in the mountains and moved down by the lake. Packing for that was less stressful, I just had to strategize the best way to move it all over by car. And NOW I "get" to pack for continent switch, again. I have the big task of packing our 2 years of married life the best way possible so it doesn't cost us a fortune. YIKES!

Trying to figure out what to take back has begun{luckily we are not bringing back any furniture}. My dad flies to Switzerland at the beginning of April for business and we get to see him for a day! and he is kind enough to bring an empty suitcase. Hallelujah! Yesterday I packed up what to send back with him, just a bunch of random odds and ends and that takes up a whole suitcase! I think the hardest part is not having to pack and ship, but having to let go of things and leave them behind. That will be the hardest. I am not a hoarder, but man do I sure have some hoarder characteristics. One being that I think "what if we need that later" or two "that has sentimental value even though yes it's old and not in good shape anymore". Even just getting rid of shoes that are worn out that have served their time...just breaks my heart! ha. I told Jachen yesterday that he may need to get rid of things for me because I am okay with them being gone, just that me seeing them thrown away or left behind will be too hard. Like for example, the dress shirt he wore at our wedding doesn't quite fit him anymore, but ahh it's the shirt he wore on our wedding day! How can I let that go? Well, I will have to...as long as he gets rid of it behind my back, that's how!

Though some things are hard to see go, a part of me is just like whatever lets move already! I am soo excited to "start over" fresh and new in the States and so it's a lot easier getting rid of things knowing that it's a way for me to truly redefine our future home and lifestyle. I almost packed up this really cool orange retro typewriter that we bought in our first month here...that is realllly heavy...but then I thought there are other things I would rather take back and I don't think this really fits my style anymore. So though it sucks, I am at peace with it. If we were just moving by car or U-Haul I would bring it!

It is so strange to think that in a few months, all{almost all} that we have known while being married will be gone and completely different. It's just hard to let go of certain things we have seen and used everyday. I just have to remind myself it will be better in the long run and that I  won't miss them once they are gone. LIKE frames...I know such a silly thing, but there are some frames here that we used at our wedding...do I leave them? do I take them. Frames are easily replaced...but they have sentimental value...but they are JUST frames! Someone PLEASE tell me to leave the frames. I can't get myself to let them go...even now, just looking at the frames it kills me.

And don't EVEN get me started on the big map of Switzerland{below} we have...how the heck to you get something that awkward of a size and huge overseas? Ship it? Check it in as over-sized luggage{like unto skis}? However sucky it will be to leave it, I am prepared at least for that one. I know it's a long shot. AND this piece of Swiss art we have...that is another piece that may have to be left behind...unless I can figure out how to pack/ship that.

Anyway, that is the ramblings of what is going on in my head right now about packing. USA! USA!

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Amy said...

Packing is hard! We've never had a move as big as yours, but we have moved four times in less than three years! I get sentimental about stuff and Jeff's just like "Uhh...throw it away." It's gotten easier with every move, but I feel your pain.