07 February 2013

< Gap Baby Boy >

 photo baby1a_zps3736c5c5.jpg
 photo baby2aaa_zps662ddfad.jpg
Hello cute baby boy.

My sister Natalie is pregnant with her first boy, after having 2 girls, and that has me thinking of baby boys...that and the fact that I want a baby boy. :) The last several months I have been itching to buy baby things...and a few times I have given in. I can't live in Europe and not buy some baby things here! But gosh! do I want to splurge on baby clothes or what!

Baby Gap has some amazing pieces right now...these are my favorites. I love neutrals and pieces with one great color. Not usually a big fan of multi colored pieces...unless they are dreamy colors. Most characters, animals or pictures on baby pieces I don't like, but those two onesies up there are sure cute.


Natalie said...

I almost bought the whale onesie the other day. it is really cute in person too. When I saw it I thought to myself that you would like it. I was right! I LOVE the orange and grey one piece at the bottom. Feel free to buy that one for me!

Julene said...

i go in baby gap like once a week just to look at the adorable clothes. haha. obsessed? maybe.