30 January 2013

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The entrance to our actual apt is inside the building, not sure what the term for that is, and so anyone who lives here will pass by our door when they first come in or leave the building. I am sure throughout the day, at any given time because the old men that live in this building come and go a surprising amount of times, someone will pass by and hear me giggling. Either from me watching old episodes of The Office, Parks and Rec, Seinfeld or from watching bloopers online. And lately from reading Mindy Kaling's book as well as watching her seriously funny new show The Mindy Project. Even if those passing by our door don't hear me giggling or laughing, I often think about how it has got to be funny to hear someone inside their home randomly giggling. At least for me I think it would be quite comical to pass by someone's door often and hear them giggle about something...I would wonder what is making them giggle. And yes, this does mean I watch a lot of tv during the day...I am home alone 5days a week it's critical I have someone talking "to me" throughout the day.

AND speaking of Mindy Kaling...I think she is so so funny. Her show, is my new favorite show to watch and I get so sad when it's over. Have you been watching it? I wanted to attach a Mindy Project clip, but there weren't any on youtube that does the show justice.

AND I am at the point now where I have every episode of The Office memorized...well at least season 1-5 mostly{which reminds me I need to watch more of 6-8, which I think I will do right this second}. Memorized meaning, I remember everything about the episode before I watch it. ..not as in I have all the lines memorized. That would just be crazy.



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Natalie said...

Those clips were funny. Thanks for bringing a little giggle into my day!