14 September 2012

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Last night I came across a youtube channel called Smart Girls...and I watched it for about an hour before going to bed. So I knew just what to bring to you today on my blog! You know how I am obsessed in love with everything lovely?? Well these videos sure are lovely...how can you not love funny, quirky, entertaining, educational videos about smart girls to empower girls hosted by Amy Poehler!?!

There are many segments on the Smart Girls channel there is...

Smart Girls at the Party-Amy Poehler interviews young girls and teenage girls about the things they are passionate about to celebrate girls and their individuality
Ask Amy-where Amy Poehler answers questions sent in from young girls and she does an amazing job at it. My favorite thing about this video, besides her great advice, is Paul Rudd at the end
Meow Meow Music- a quirky segment avec cats and music hosted by Amy Miles
Girls of the World-pretty awesome! This one is a new segement
Boys Minute-boys such as Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Greg Poehler etc being silly

AND you know what I love?? That when they do "dance party" at the end of the Smart Girls at the Party segments...comedians from Parks and Rec and some from 30 Rock, Will Arnett etc show up for the dance party. There are a few earlier Smart Girls at the Party episodes where the whole cast{well almost whole} of Parks and Rec are dancing. I just love that.

SO great right? What do you think? I know I'm hooked. 

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kaitlin said...

just watched these, so funny! haha i loved the intro/explanation of the show, those two little sisters!