13 September 2012

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I love that September brings us new shows, don't you? You know I am a tv and movie gal...and one that waits desperately and only mildly patiently for the new season to arrive. I am so bummed that Sherlock doesn't start til Fall 2013 and sad that Downton doesn't start until Jan...however I think we have enough shows going on to fill our time.

Here are the shows I am most excited about...

america's next top model just found out it started already! will catch up tonight when Jachen
is gone Home Teaching...although I am NOT a fan of when home viewers votes are in consideration...you know how i feel about that
the office sept 20, still loyal fan
parks and rec sept 20
parenthood sept two days ago! just watched the first episode, man so good. So hard to
watch an episode without crying at least once
downton abbey jan 2013
ncis sept 25
the mindy project sept 25
modern family sept 26
amazing race sept 30, I have only ever watched this show on and off but this season I want
to watch the whole thing, I have randomly been feeling the urge to watch this show

any great show I am missing?
I will probably watch New Girl again...even though it's stupid, it sure can be funny.

ps. is anyone watching Covert Affairs?? Wow, what a season!


Natalie said...

Monica, seriously, a little TV obsessed. I hope you read your scriptures everyday too...(said lovingly). The only show I watch is Project Runway, and I am just about to go do that right now.

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

I guess it does look like a lot of shows when you write it out...also I am watching Project Runway as you know.

But lucky/unlucky for us because we don't have tv is I can watch them online after they air when I want and when I have time.

Savanna said...

You need to watch Revenge and Once Upon a Time... so good, sometimes cheesy but that's ok you'll be hooked!

kelsie rae. said...

DYING for the next downton abbey season!!!!