28 September 2012


Okay okay okay okay! Fine. I admit I am excited for this movie now.

This behind the scenes video has been floating around a lot and until today I have been avoiding watching it. After watching the original trailer for the movie weeks ago I was not into it, mostly not in favor of Anne Hathaway being in it and maybe not in favor of another reproduction of this story. {I love the story, just didn't think I needed another version of it} BUT oh man was I WRONG. So happy I watched this video on imdb today...it looks amazing and I can't wait to see what it's like with them all singing live. How great! Not to mention how seriously stunning the whole movie looks. I am actually kinda looking forward to Anne Hathaway being in it now.

We may even have to go see it in the theatre here, if it comes out in English.

...now I am going to go watch this video clip again. the end.

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kaitlin said...

right?!! i lovee this clip and it made me so stoked for the movie. not to mention that we watched it as we were getting ready for the Les Miserables actual show that we went to a few days ago so we were even extra excited. can't wait!