16 August 2012

< SYTYCD Update >

You know how I love this show?...well I watch the episodes the day after online, did you watch last night's? Last night's episode the dancers preformed routines from previous seasons that were all choreographed by one of the shows choreographers. It was a tribute to that choreographer, who has won an Emmy for her routines. She has choreographed some of the most famous routines on the show.

Lindsay and Cole's performance was amazing skill wise as well as emotional interpretation wise. The routine made me cry and not many routines do that. It was just so chilling and you could feel by Cole's interpretation of his character that he was this darkness/evil holding back this girl. It felt very real and vivid. It is amazing to see life experiences through a dance routine...to see the darkness we all deal with at times and have to over come visualized and realized through someone's body and face's expression and interpretation. Just chilling to watch this connection between the two of them. I hope that makes sense, I am sure if you watch the routine you will understand.

I want Cole to win the show.

Also if you watched last night's episode you would have seen the end when all the dancers go up on stage to say goodbye to those who are leaving the show...this week the judges went up as well to talk to and hug those who were leaving and to congratulate those who have made it to the top 10. I love the unity on this show. I JUST LOVE the love, respect and care the judges have for the contestants. I think this is what sets this show apart from every other show. There is such a warmth and goodness to this show. I like to be a part of shows like that.

AND holy cow, THIS routine?!?! Amazing.



Jenn said...

I loved Lindsay and Cole's routine. Seriously, so good!! And the one at the beginning? Stunning.

Love SYTYCD :)

Julene said...

this show never gets old. love. love. love.