15 August 2012

< Art Wall >

WOWza, in love with this picture/room design. I love LOVE the room divider and how the one side is covered top to bottom with framed photos...that is my dream. I love a wall covered in art. This room is going in the front of my brain's home design file cabinet. I also love the black wood floors, white walls, white ceiling with beams, the grey couch with fun pillows, the rug, the coffee table, the wall of books etc etc. Just love it all. What do you think?


stephanie said...

Yeah, I like that a lot. We struggle to not have the same frame for all our pictures. I love the Ikea frames, but they're all the same, leaving our decor a more boring than it could otherwise be.

Monique said...

I just pinned it. It's gorgeous, what a tasteful way to break up a room!

Julene said...

love. love. love.