28 August 2012

< That's One Funny Jachen >

Jachen {pronounced Ya-chen} is like no other person you will ever meet. He is truly his very own person and everything he does is so..."jachen". I have never met someone remotely like him. Which means he is full of quirks...one of which is excessive talking through a movie...

On Sunday the Jachenator {as me and my family call him} and I were talking about watching a scary movie this Halloween at a friends house and Jachen{who is a scary movie wimp} said how he combats his scary movie nerves is by talking a lot during the movie. Then I made the comment that you talk ALL THE TIME during ANY movie {or show}...not just scary ones. For reals this kid talks a lot during a movie...luckily it doesn't annoy me too much, mostly I just think it's funny.

If you don't believe me read the below...
While we were watching the movie Unbreakable{this might be a movie spoiler alert} I secretly typed everything he said while watching the movie. Excessive, huh? but really really funny. SO read it.

that means probably you're unbreakable

so one guy is unbreakable and the other guy is all the time breaking

look at those striped pants

that was like the biggest badoom ever

he's going back into the memory huh?

shes been with someone

or not


look at his car, all the pillows

i think he was trying to kill the security guard, no?

don't break anythinggg

you shouldnt go down there

your going to break yourself


ohh, break an arm and a leg for it. isnt't that a saying, break an arm and a leg?

oh no, i think he put on some more

that's dangerous

he's like, i just lifted 500


no way

this is a superhero movie, why didn't you tell me{in a joking manor}

a ton

a car!

what the what

stop it, please, i don't want you to get hurt

400 lbs

whoa, that's almost a car

ohh that's her

as if he knew where to go, hmm?

it's dangerous

i did, i guessed. it's a talent, i can guess husbands names

what was that?

he's the supa hero


oh a fight at school


wait, what happened?

looks like san francisco 

don't shoot him, not in the heart

don't shoot him in the heart, shoot him in the leg or something

what's 50, just police? security? oh the swat


and the other call was elijah saying you are a super hero, there you go

that they will hire him?

it's cool that they changed the microphone at the end

can you hear me david?

that's exactly where he sat

that's sad about the small kid that sat in front of him

this is him going back to the car

that totally looks like him young

oh wow

obviously she has a red dress, shes the only one

so cool how everyone has grey clothes on except those guys

oh my goodness

question is what are you going to do about it? are you going to beat him up?

still, like what are you goign to do about it?

oh, he is going to follow him and see if the other guy's still alive.

why doesn't he just call the cops?

like the reaper man

whew a lot of tension right now {as he pats his chest}


do something, do something, do something! {each time said louder}

where's the orange guy?

ohh gross

the question is, is he going to kill him or bring him down

she's like whoa, what's going on

crazy though, to see these visions of bad things that happen to all sorts of people

he's like whoa, what's going on

it was only on a wee bit

haha he's such a secret keeper

i would tell you if i was a super hero

ahh so cute that my husband says cute things like that during a movie, I need to tell everyone {said in a high pitch voice as if i was saying it cus he thought i was making a facebook status or something when really i was typing all this up}

always this chamber music in the background

is this going to be scary? is there going to be a really bad man in the end? please tell me

this is so cool

oh he finds out that he caused all those accidents

ohh this is crazy Monica

mr glass, wow


{when it was over}
that was good

i did not know all these years that it was about that. 

this is realllly good! 

SERIOUSLY makes me crack UP every time I read this. And this is pretty much how all our movie watching goes. Love that Jachen.




Fuchida said...

What can I say, I am just sooo Jachen..

Julene said...

oh Jachen. so funny.

The Momma said...

I love the one where he is patting his chest, whew, a lot of tension right now. This is so funny.

kaitlin said...

so funny, i love that you recorded all of that! that will be especially funny in a year or two.

Natalie said...

Oh my goodness, so funny. Laughing out loud. Makes me want to watch a movie with Jachen!