28 August 2012

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Honestly, I have baby fever big time. A few days ago Jachen commented on my baby fever being baby fever and I had to agree that it was just that. I have always pointed out cute babies when I see them, but nowadays even I am noticing how excessive it is...every baby we see at a store I have to tell Jachen "ohhh look at that seriously cute baby". I mentioned, here, my "babies on the brain" and it's even more so since I wrote that post. Yikes!

I not only post darling baby clothing because I love them, but also because I want a baby! ha. But it's just not time, which I fully am okay with. There is just no way that a baby could happen right now in our life, but oh man, when it's time I will be so happy.

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stephanie said...

Yeah, those are all really really cute. Kate Quinn Organics (look them up) has an outlet in Kirkland. It's still too expensive - but cheaper than if you were going to buy them at Nordstrom, which is one place they're sold. ANYWAY - they have outlet sales a couple times a year and I've gone to a couple of them. They mostly have baby girl stuff and each time I have to put back all the baby girl stuff I find - because what if I never have a girl (and I don't give them as gifts because I always give blankets as gifts). BUT I got an email about an even bigger sale - ANY three items for $10. Crazy good sale! So good that I decided to buy some baby girl things. Just too good to pass up. And if I never have a baby girl, I can still give them away. I'll have to take pictures of the items to send to you. I also bought a few things for Alicia and for Natalie (they told me how much they wanted to spend and I picked things out). I also found a few things for Henry, but they mainly have girl sizes 0-3 months or 3-6 months.

That's my story. I was on a major shopping high yesterday from it.