03 May 2012

|| Recent Watchings ||

Have you seen these yet?
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close//Superb. Heartwarming, sad and such a beautiful movie.
The Avengers//Is already out here in Switzerland. OH MY it is SOOO amazing. When it first started I had the feeling it was going to be disappointing...I WAS WRONG. I loved the character developments, the action was perfect, the camera work amazing and the humor spot on. SOO great. Goosebumps just thinking about it.
The Beaver//Before I watched this I thought it would be more of a comedy, but it's a pretty serious drama. It was amazing and oh man that Mel Gibson...he is great. It is gritty and "real"
Must see all of these, now! Other recent watchings, here. More movies, here.



Kyla said...

I can't wait to see the Avengers! And I agree about Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close...such a fantastic movie.

Mel said...

extremely loud and incredibly close is my most favorite book.....and I have to say I LOVED the movie. It is really the only movie made of a book that I liked...I'm usual a huge critic when it comes to that. But they did such a good job on capturing the emotions of the book that I didn't even mind the extra parts ...

An absolute must see!!!

I left the movies so full of emotions but SO happy. It'S a magical movie.

kaitlin said...

bah i need to watch those first two especially!!! the first one was in the dollar theater but we just never got around to it.