03 April 2012

|| Recent Watchings ||

Like Crazy//I thought it was a great and well made movie. The actors were perfectly casted and I enjoyed the way it was filmed. I didn't love, love it because I couldn't figure out how they
could love each other yet have such an unhealthy relationship. But, I guess there are really
relationships like that out there. I loved the realistic style it was filmed in and the awkward
first date was great.
The Iron Lady//This was a beautiful movie and Meryl Streep was amazing as the old and even
older Iron Lady. It had a reverent power to it. I highly recommend this film.
Being Elmo//This was soooo great. It was cute, funny, uplifting and a great showing of the story.
Contagion//We watched this one a while ago, but I had it saved to mention. I really liked this
movie even though it was pretty gritty. I really liked how they showed a lot of the behind the
scenes of figuring out the disease and showing them tracing it to the start. I was happy that
Matt Damon's character's story was a part of it.
Warrior//This movie was recommended for us to watch and we loved it. I wouldn't have watched
this movie otherwise because I am not big into fighting movies. This movie had great characters and
is a great story of powerful fighters.
The Adventures of Tintin//Wow, this was a fun and great movie. We watched it just to watch it and
it was surprisingly awesome. Funny, great animation and great effects. I highly recommend, but not
so much for kids. I think it would be a little too intense and scary for kids. 
Nacho Libre//I have seen this one a few times when it first came out, but I had forgotten how funny it 
was and Jachen didn't remember it being funny, so we watched it. We were both crackin' up!
I sure love movies!

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Veronica said...

I watched Warrior recently and surprisingly liked it too. When my husband told me it was about UFC I thought it would be so bad.