30 May 2012

|| Living In Seinfeld ||

Here is my modern take of living in Seinfeld, one of my all time favorite shows. If you are a huge Seinfeld fan like moi then you will know what each of these pieces are for. If you don't know the story behind one{or more} of these things, ask and I will tell.

My little ode to the show that keeps me laughing and keeps me company while Jachen is at work. I have been wanting to do this post for a long time now and I finally did it. It makes me really happy.
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bridget anne said...

this post is actually too awesome for me to handle!

Olivia Carter said...

Oh man, this is SOOO GREAT! I love that I know everything on here! I'm going to check out that episode that you metioned because I could swear it's the same dad as George has always had- so, I better check it out!

Pamplemousse1983 said...

Ha! I love this! Though the couch should be blue :D

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

Ha, actually I am watching the velvet couch episode right now, ironically, and the couch is an ugly sage color. I thought it was dark blue too when I was searching for a velvet couch, but I couldn't find one I wanted to use.

I love love this green couch. Want it.