30 May 2012

|| Babes-ilicious ||

Sooo...maybe this morning I watched video after video of One Direction on their youtube stream, so what! Their songs are so fun, I don't think I will ever get sick of What Makes You Beautiful. Harry Styles is my favie, but that Niall Horan is my next favie. What cuties. I LOVE Harry's singing voice, wowzas, and boy does he have good style. If I had never been to London, I would have thought these boys were dressed solely by stylists, but after seeing the street style of Londeners{is that what they're called?} I now know people actually dress this good in real life. I wouldn't mind Harry getting a hair cut, but his curls are sure adorable. Which One Direction boy is your fav??



Lauren Farmer said...

loveeee themmm!!!

Niall is by far the cutest! and then i think harry has the best voice. and he would be a lot cuter if his hair was cut!!

but seriously. i love them and want to go to their concert sooo badd!!

Veronica said...

Holy cow, this song is so good. My husband just made fun of me for watching this video several times but whatever. They're adorable.

kaitlin said...

love the curly one.