31 May 2012

|| The Elijah Wood Edition ||

Photobucket Let's take a moment to talk about Elijah Wood. It has been a whole week since I mentioned him last and it is high time I bring him up again. Some people have a Hollywood crush that has lasted their whole life...and mine would be that of THE Elijah Wood. Nothing major I AM a married woman, but every time his face or name pops up on my radar I am reminded of that sweet sweet face. That last picture above was one of the pictures of him I had posted on my door as a teenager. Remember Kerianne? It was there along with other magazine tear outs that filled my bedroom door. 

I was watching THIS video yesterday and was so embarrassed for all those crying girls, but upon further examination of myself...I am pretty sure I would be one of those girls if I ever had the chance to meet Elijah...okay and maybe One Direction as well{says my 27 year old self}. But seriously, I think my face would melt off and my heart would go cra cra if I was ever in close vicinity to Elijah Wood...and if I ever got to talk to him??...You can forget about it, tears like a crying teenager for sure. I am getting a little flustered just thinking about it. Question for you...if you were in a store and there in the dairy isle was standing Mr. Elijah Wood{or fill in your Hollywood crush} what would be worse, going up to him and talking to him, but not making sense because you can't think straight whilst crying OR not talking to him at all? That's a tough one. Actually, I think I would be able to pull myself together and say something funny...that's usually how I roll. Actually, now that I think about it I should probably have something prepared for the day I DO meet him. This is a when situation, not an if.  

Besides his darling face, infectious smile and laugh, love for music, incredible chillness{seemingly}, being a smooth talker, perfect amount of confidence, and his amazing acting skills...he is quite the snazzy dresser too. I am pretty sure we would be BFF.

What Hollywood crush has stuck with you over the years?? And please don't tell me Zac Efron or Channing Tatum. Bore. 

Current favorite Elijah interviews 1|2|3|4|FIVE 
please watch the fifth one if none else.



Amanda said...

ok. hope this doesn't make you too jealous...but he was a few years ahead of me at my middle school and his papa was our grocer. us iowa people pretty cool. ;) i adore is baby blues! great interviews too!

xo, amanda

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

Oh my!! That is great. Good to hear he is real. Ha. But the question is did you ever talk to him? THEN I would be jealous. :)

Olivia Carter said...

I actually wrote him a fan letter in late elementary school/early middle school & got a sign picture back. I was in smitten. Not so much now though.

Katie said...

Two words: Christian Bale. That's my crush and it might never end, EVER!! I always had a thing for batman anyway, so that makes it even better!

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

Oh yes Christian Bale, that's a good one. Was it the Teddy from Little Women or Jack Kelly from Newsies that did you in??

kaitlin said...

watched that last one and boy was it funny. glad you keep me updated on funny clips on the web because i never find them!

Natalie said...

Oh man, crazy crying girls and One Direction, hilarious video. i dont think I would have EVER acted like that, way too embarrassing. Wow, I forgot how boy crazy teenage girls can get, it's wild.
And Elijah, good pick. I really dont have a celebrity crush that has stuck with me, just lots of fleeting ones!