01 June 2012

|| America's Next Top Model Winner//Spoiler Alert ||

Hooray for Sophie!
I am SOOOOO happy Sophie from the UK won America's Next Top Model. She is darling and is such a great model. At the beginning of the season I wanted an USA girl to win, but more and more I found I was liking the UK girls better. So I am happy a UK girl won. Did you watch this season? It was pretty great actually. The first episode was pretty hokey and I was worried about the season, but it got better and better.

I saw the finale yesterday, Thursday, but wanted to give another day til I commented on the winner.
So if I spoiled it for you, it's not my fault. You should have watched it sooner. :)


Olivia Carter said...

I havne't watched this show in forever but sure did love it when we did!

Natalie said...

I thought I recorded the finale, but only recorded the highlight show, duh. So now need to find it on Hulu or something.